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WHO WE ARE. Tom Beaudet, Noel Bollenbach, Lea Bollenbach, Tom Beaudet Jr.


TRBeaudet & Co.
Our Company Statement of Purpose and Goals
    We are a family unit focused on the support and enhancement of the Fiber Arts in our national community, primarily in the craft of weaving and all areas related, Re: Fibers, Yarns, Looms and all related auxiliary equipment including Wet Finishing.   
    We authored and published Textile Design, Weave Formation, a 2 Volume extensive fabric design program based on the curriculum offered at the Rhode Island School of Design as required to meet the BS degree in engineering 1958 This design program is for those weavers wishing to enhance their design expertise beyond the block method most common among hand weavers.   
     We are and have been closely aligned with the Leclerc Loom Co and M. Brassard Yarns since 1995 as a consultant and dealer . Our new Loom and Equipment sales are exclusive to Leclerc and our Yarn sales exclusive to M. Brassard.
     Our  recently initiated Yarn Kit Program is focused on Yarns utilized in the craft of weaving and designed to entice, and make it convenient in every way for weavers  to simply sit down and start weaving, regardless the season or the time of day.
   We do restore, refurbish, and retrofit Looms of all makes and models for special needs.  
    We are primarily an internet business. We maintain a studio and shop for our needs, however, we are not a store front business. We do not keep regular shop hours. Each member of our team travel, routinely visiting customers as a service. We are company, not in any legal sense of the word, but as family members that enjoy spending time with one another. We enjoy the company. We invite visits. Call ahead for scheduling a day and time.
                  Keep that Beater moving, it's good for our mental and physical health.
            Tom Beaudet 

about TRBeaudet

75+ years in textiles, and counting.

Grew up in Putnam,  a textile mill town on the Quinebaug river in northeast Ct.

At the start of the industrial revolution,(for New England that was the start of the textile industry

in 1790 with Slater and his cotton yarn mill in Pawtucket RI and then Lowell with the first powered loom

at Waltham) the colonial era mills needed rivers and streams to turn the water wheels that powered the mills. And New England had an abundance of them.  Every town and village that had a stream with enough flow to turn a Wheel had a mill. Mills of all sizes were started.

From my earliest memories in the 1930’s as a child, I recalled daily the hum of the spinning frames, and the symphony of the looms and together with the mill bells and the train whistles was what I grew up with. That was my life.

At 15 I had my first job in the Mill. My older brother was just discharged from the army after the second world war and he took a job weaving  in a friends small family owned woolen mill. They needed a Jack Spool winder to wind bobbins  for the  C and K woolen looms.  I was  on  summer vacation  so I was elected.

I took part time jobs through high school and during the summers in various local mills from woolen, cotton to synthetic. I learned to start warps in a fancy woolen mill Re: read drafts, build fancy pattern chains(28s pick and pick C & K looms), laying out yarn blends for color match, etc., and then on graduation in 1948 went full time in the mill. Went into the army when Korea came on..

On discharge I returned to the mill and decided I wanted to make a career of it. I enrolled at the  Rhode Island School of Design full time days in the textile engineering program and for the first two years I wove nights in a Linen upholstery mill. The last 2 years nights as understudy for the mill designer  of a men’s and women’s wear worsted mill. 

On graduation from RISD with a BS TexEng,  1958,  I went with Milliken Inc.(woolen div) Farnsworth mill Lisbon  ME as overseer of weaving, 1961 I was promoted and transferred to ass. Plant supt,  Hatch mill. Columbus NC. 

1965 joined Albany Felt(Albany Int,) as design Eng,  Paper Makers felts Albany NY

1970 promoted to manager Product design and quality control and 1974 to production manager, Globe Albany div (Albany Int) Buffalo NY


1976 joined Swiss owned Tetko inc. Swiss Silk weavers and fabricators (screen printing and bolting cloth) as Gen Manager US Mfg. operations Depew NY 

1980 Retired from Corp world. 

1980 1990 Corp. Consultant, Textile Ind.

1990 to current, TRBeaudet. Sales, service, consultant. New, pre-owned, Handlooms & aux. equip.    

Technical consultant -Leclerc Looms
Author and publisher "Textile 

Design,  Weave Formation"

BS Mech. Eng. Textile major 1958 RISD 

Executive training, Harvard Business School 1975

@ Canisius College, Bufalo NY 

We are a team


We are a dynamic family group, this old timer passing the torch to the next generation of fiber artists.

And the next generation passing up to us how to cope with :) and benefit from all this new internet and cell phone stuff.

           That is as good as it gets


We offer the full line of new Leclerc hand looms and equipment , all makes and models of preowned handlooms and equipment, we retrofit and upgrade all makes and models of Hand Looms for special needs and types of product. 

We offer consulting services live via Skype or live phone for special projects or diagnosing and correcting loom problems, 

We authored and published.

  Textile Design, Weave Formation

A two book fabric design structured  manual covering step by step instruction for creating a woven fabric starting with

the Basic one warp, one filling(weft) in book 1 to the Compound multiple warp, multiple filling(weft) in Book 2. 

 (Contact us for complete details)

All that and we offer the very best customer service in the market, bar none, when answering any of your info requests, That is our reputation  

Tom Beaudet


Contact Us

Contact us 24/7 via phone/e Mail, text or visit us, 49 Western Ave. Westfield MA 01085

As a dealer and the national technical consultant for Leclerc Looms, contact us for anything Leclerc, Re; New looms and equipment sales , customer service for all older models including upgrading and custom retrofitting for special needs.  

Weavebirds are our forte'. Anything Weavebird call us 

TRBeaudet & Co

49 Western Avenue, Westfield, Massachusetts 01085, United States, by appointment


Click here to drop us a line at


Kits for Novice(and not so novice) weavers



 TRBeaudet & Co launch a new weaving program catering to Novice weavers. The purpose is, to aid Novice weavers by enhancing  their expertise with a better understanding of the craft of weaving, the process, and the equipment they have at hand to bond with in accomplishing their goals.
In conjunction with Maurice Brassard & Fils Inc.yarn co. we are offering a Yarn Kit that is basic in content, fully contained and cost prudent. 

These Kits are now priced under the new M.Brassard pricing program. Ask for a quote, you will be most pleasantly surprised.


For the not so novice weaver, these Kits are a bargain for the yarn alone. Top of the line M. Brassard yarns with shipping included for the lower 48. 

Future plans


The future is now, our M.Brassard Yarn program has been launched at very enticing low prices. Let us prove it.

Yarn Kits for Novice(and not so Novice weavers)

100% Cotton Dish Cloth


                    Kit 1, 

8/2 Cotton Warp and Filling(Weft) in 4 Shaft Plain Weave. Can be woven on 2 Shafts. Adaptable to Rigid Heddle Loom. 7 1/2lb Tubes 3 1/2lbs Yarn.

100% Cotton Dish Cloth


  Kit 2

8/2 Cotton Warp and Filling in 4 Shaft Plain Weave, can be woven on 2 Shafts. Adaptable to Rigid Heddle Loom. 7, 1/2lb Tubes, 3 1/2lbs Yarn

100% Cotton Dish Cloth


Kit 3. 

8/2 Cotton Warp and Filling in 4 Shaft Plain Weave, can be woven on 2 Shafts, Adaptable to Rigid Heddle Loom. 7, 1/2lb Tubes, 3 1/2lbs Yarn

100% Cotton Table Runner


Kit 4. We will recalculate for any weaving width loom and you can choose any of the 81 Colors in the M.Brassard 8/2 Cotton list to replace. 4, 1/2lb Tubes,2lbs Yarn.

100% Cotton Head Rest


Kit 5. This is a neat fabric. The Treadle TieUp is a simple 2/2 twill but the Warping Draw gives it unique character. Could be woven for many purposes. 7, 1/2lb Tubes, 3 1/2lbs  8/2 Cotton Yarn.

100% Cotton Bath Towel


Kit 6. Second only in size to the Bath Sheet. A generous size towel with a weave that gives it distinction. All that from a basic 8/2 Cotton. 4, 1/2 lb Tubes, 2 lbs Yarn.


100% Cotton Bath Sheet, 8/2 Warp, Boucle Filliing


Kit 7. This is the big one. A wrap that is more like a Robe than a Towel. Can be woven with Boucle or Chenille Filling. Each is super absorbent and give it a lush unique character. 7, 1/2 lb Tubes, 3 1/2 lbs  8/2 Cotton Yarn.

100% Cotton Hand Towel


Kit 8. Popular  size with a distinctive weave. Great companion to the larger Bath size or as a group. All from the popular 8/2 Cotton. 4, 1/2 lb Tubes, 2 lbs Yarn.

100% Cotton Hand Towel 8/2 Warp, Chenille Filling


Kit 9. Another great mate to the larger Bath size. Larger in size than the routine Hand Towel. A group of 3 or 4 make for an impressive decor 3, 1/2 lb Tubes 8/2 Cotton with the added functionality of the absorbent  3, 1/2 lb Tubes        Chenille total, 6, 1/2 lb Tubes, 3 lbs yarn.

Kit 10 coming soon


Tell us what you would like

Kit 11 coming soon


Suggest a favorite, well lay it out.

Kit 12 The final in the basic Towel group


We are mulling this one over :)

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Sectional Warping No Strings Attached

Tom Beaudet and my partner/granddaughter Noel Bollenbach on stage :)